Kuala Lumpur laundromat owner houses stray dogs to protect from municipal ‘dog-catchers’

via Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better Facebook group
via Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better Facebook group

Give us your poor, tired, shriveled, cold, black hearts reader – we have something nice to tell you about.

Last week, Facebook group Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better posted an especially warming story about a Kuala Lumpur-area launderette owner who took it upon herself to house the stray dogs that she had been feeding near her business after municipal dog catchers began making their rounds in the neighborhood.

Dear all, We wish more businesses were like this. Please support this laundry for their act of compassion and kindness….

Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better 发布于 2019年4月10日周三

Leah Rosli, the 35-year-old owner of Rea’s Laundry in the Puchong district of KL, had been feeding five dogs daily, and knew what the consequences were of being “caught” – the dogs faced a certain death.

So, she did something completely selfless, that probably lost her a customer or few who felt uncomfortable around canines: She housed them inside her laundry shop.

Posting a notice on the door, she wrote that there were dogs inside who were being protected from being killed, and that if a customer was not OK with their presence, they were welcome to use another launderette.

via The Star
via The Star

If you’re not already tearing up, she added a photo of one of the dogs to the notice.

The post soon went viral, with hundreds of netizens commending her actions, and calling for those who live nearby to go and support such the kind woman’s business.

Speaking to The Star today, Leah told them that as a Muslim, it was her responsibility to protect the lives of the dogs that would be killed if they were to land in the hands of the municipal authorities.

“My religion does not say that I cannot go the extra mile to save animal lives.

“Furthermore, it is easy to sertu or samak (do ritual cleaning when in contact with dog saliva) as there are readymade clay soaps available in the market for that purpose,” she said.

Her actions have not gone unnoticed, and the response from Malaysians from all backgrounds is enough to restore your faith in our country as a whole, without the noise.




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