Inquest begins into the death of teen Dutch model who fell from condo balcony

Image via Ivana Smit Instagram

An inquest into the mysterious death of Dutch teen model Ivana Smit began yesterday in Kuala Lumpur, with the coroner, public prosecutor, special counsel and representatives from the Netherlands Embassy visiting the condominium where her body was discovered.

Relevant parties arrived at Cap Square residences in the Dang Wangi neighborhood of Kuala Lumpur at 1:20pm, and reportedly spent 90 minutes revisiting the premises, including the sixth floor, where her body was found, and the 20th floor, where she had previously been spending time with an expat couple before her fall.

Police believe that she fell at around 10am on Dec. 7.

Speaking to the inquest, a resident of the sixth-floor apartment where the body was found, described the scene when he returned home from work that day. Explaining that he had left for work at 9am, he returned at 2pm to discover that an unusually bright light from outside was now shining through his condo. He then realized it was because the outside awning had collapsed.

Stepping further in, he then saw that a body had fallen through his balcony roof, and was lying there.

A witness from the police force also testified as to what he saw that fateful day, describing 45 photos from the scene that he took.

“Among the photographs was a box of sex toys, and a condom,” he said.

He could not recall whether the condom was used, or not.

Having spent the night with an American man, Alex Johnson, and his Kazakh wife, Luna, Ivana inexplicably fell from their 20th-floor condo. The couple later told their side of the story to British tabloid The Mail on Sunday (Ed. Note: Cla$$y!), explaining that they had a “progressive marriage,” had a consensual sexual relationship with the teenager, and had taken her home that morning after a night of drinking to engage in sex.

Post-mortem results on the teen’s body revealed that she had a cocktail of drugs in her. Though initial reports stated that the couple had tested positive for drugs, subsequent tests came back clean, a change that few local outlets acknowledged in their coverage.

Initially classified as sudden death, Ivana’s family requested that the case be reopened, and reexamined for foul play. The inquest continues Friday.

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