Good Doggo: Stray canine takes morning LRT commute, operators deal with him swiftly and humanely

Morning commuters riding Kuala Lumpur’s LRT were left startled after a stray dog entered into their carriage at the Miharja station, which sits at ground level and can be more easily accessed than an elevated stop.

Video of yesterday’s event made its way on to the internet, with some commuters appearing uneasy, but with the ticketless dog behaving incredibly well, and sitting still during the journey.

Line operators Rapid Rail Sdn Bhd later issued a statement saying that the LRT’s auxiliary police force had seen the dog enter the Miharja station, but were unable to stop him when he made his way onto the platform, and into an 8:24am train.

Officers say they followed the pup aboard the train, and kept their eyes on him so as not to cause panic and commotion among commuters. The dog was escorted off the train five minutes later at the Pandan Jaya station.

Many of those who watched the clip, observed that the dog did not show any signs of aggression and was, what we in the biz call, a good doggo.

There were also foolish folk who literally tried to politicize a stray animal on a train, and claim that it was someone’s pet. Cue: Eye roll.

In a press statement, Rapid Rail added that the canine was “captured humanely and released at a location that is within safe distance of our LRT stations.

“We thank all of our guests for remaining calm and collected during the incident,” they concluded, adding that the service providers would increasing patrol at all of their ground-level station to avoid similar incidents.

Many are praising Rapid Rail’s swift and humane actions, and we’re just happy that this story has a happier end than some of our more recent canine coverage.

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