Furniture display at popular Johor shopping center catches fire, causing mall bonfire

What will it take to get shoppers to immediately evacuate a burning pit in the middle of their local shopping center?

Well, for some, blaring alarms and flames weren’t enough of a warning as a furniture booth at the center court of Johor’s MidValley Southkey Mall went up in flames this afternoon.

Johor Fire and Rescue were called to the scene at 2:45pm, and officials confirmed that “the fire destroyed about 30ft x 30 ft of the display area.”

Members of the public attempted to quell the flames using a fire hose and extinguisher that were in the mall. The cause of the blaze has yet to be determined, and no injuries have been reported.

And while we’re watching the flames erupt, mouths agape – Dear shoppers and mall loiterers: Please refrain from putting yourself in danger by taking real-time videos of pretty dangerous-looking fires. No one was hurt this time, but it’s probably best practices to GTFO of the mall if it’s on fire.

Mall management at Mid Valley Southkey confirmed the incident to us the afternoon, writing:

“A fire broke out at an exhibitor’s display at the Center Court, Ground Floor, the Mall, Mid Valley Southkey, at around 2:14pm, and was subsequently contained by Emergency Response Team at 2:18pm. We can confirm that there have been no injuries or casualties were reported.”

Apologizing to customers, they added that Fire and Rescue officials are currently at the scene investigating and ensuring the safety of the mall and shoppers. There have been no further disruptions to the mall operations, so shop on Johor.

*Mall management statement added with clarification


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