Former prime minister Najib Razak accuses DAP leader of being ‘obsessed’ with him

Screenshot via Mean Girls film
Screenshot via Mean Girls film

Najib Razak, Malaysia’s one-time Prime Minister, and now current MP with a litany of charges against him, has been spending a fair amount of time now that he’s out of office strenuously updating his Facebook account with the zeal of an empty-nest housewife/househusband.

Earlier this week, he used his page to laud unfounded claims at the Defense Minister, accusing him of using a government helicopter to visit a by-election constituency in the Cameron Highlands (nope, he drove). Today, in addition to chronicling his own journey up to the Cameron Highlands, coffee and all, he’s asking some very important questions.

No, we don’t mean the kind of questions that will result in decreased crime, better education for our children, and reducing the wage gap — he’s asking why DAP party leader, 77-year-old Lim Kit Siang is so “obsessed” with him.

We feel you, sir — there’s surprisingly a lot of shade up on that high-horse you’re sitting on!

Wondering why Kit Siang launches personal attacks on the daily, the former PM has accused the DAP leader of no longer being interested in the cases he once championed, and tried to link Najib to. These topics ranged from the death of Kevin Morais, the Deputy Public Prosecutor for the Attorney General’s Chambers of Malaysia and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, who was murdered during Najib’s tenure, to the murder of Altantuya, who was also murdered during Najib’s time in office, to the mysterious death of Teoh Beng Hock, who was — hey, you guessed it — also killed during Najib’s tenure.

Adding that his assistant provided the party leader with information into his queries, he now wondered: “Kit Siang is no longer interested? Or has he finally admitted to defaming me several times over such cases over the years?”

Najib’s post was received favorably, with users implying that the former PM’s popularity was on the up-and-up again, and that they too did not believe that he was linked to any of the cases.

While the court of public opinion may be shifting, Najib still faces nearly 50 charges in actual court pertaining to anti-graft allegations, 1MDB misappropriations, and investigation tampering. Silver linings tho: Starbucks did manage to get your name right.

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