Ferrari driver stabbed in Johor, allegedly over honking at other vehicle

A still taken from the viral clip

Police are on the hunt for two suspects, after a man was repeatedly stabbed on Jalan Dato’ Abdullah Tahir, in Johor Sunday night.

Terrifying video of two individuals cornering their victim has since gone viral online.

After overtaking the victim, who was driving a Ferrari, the suspects’ black Mercedes is alleged to have swerved towards the left side of the road. Honking at the aggressive driving, the Ferrari driver was then goaded to come out from his car.

Officials report that one of the men, believed to be Chinese, pulled out a folding knife, and proceeded to stab the victim’s stomach and body. His cohort, believed by police to be either Indian or Pakistani, punched the man several times in the face. In the clip they can be heard telling the victim to kneel down.

Both have yet to be identified, and police are asking for anyone with information to come forward.

Authorities believe that the men were not previously connected, and that the incident occurred over the Ferrari driver’s honking.

The victim is currently recovering in hospital.

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