Creepy Batu Caves Bomoh (and his 40 cats) terrorise apartment block

For the past 4 years, the residents of the People’s Housing Porject (PPR) flats in Taman Batu Muda near Batu Caves have been living in fear and suspicion of a man claiming to be a bomoh, or witch doctor, and his horde of more than 40 cats. 

The bomoh has been known to threaten other residents in his apartment block with black magic, and has harassed his neighbours by flinging cat feces from his unit down to the floors below, often without reason or provocation. 

Residents told Sinar Harian that attempts to reason and pacify the bomoh have been met with verbal threats and physical altercations. 

Others suspect that the bomoh has been using cats – either his own, or strays in the area – to perform sordid black magic rituals.

“Some of the people here have seen him burying bloodied carcasses of cats. But he never lets his own cats out of his flat. None of them go wandering outside,” said one resident. 

The bomoh had also been seen hosting mixed-gender shower parties on the apartment block premises.

“They were all half-naked,” said a resident. [The bomoh] would place a barrel of water out in the courtyard, and he and his guests would shower together out in the open. The people attending these rituals also change regularly.”

The bomoh has previously been detained by the police for his erratic and intimidating behaviour, but never for very long, and with no observable repercussions. 

The president of the Cats Club of Malaysia, Khalid Rashid, expressed his concern over the welfare of the cats under the bomoh’s care. 

“Only the mentally disturbed would torture animals. In this case, we can’t yet be sure of the facts, but nevertheless we should help this individual with his issues if he has any, and safeguard the cats under his care,” he said. 

He added that keeping more than 40 cats in a cramped high-rise flat was not optimal for the cats, and would contribute to a hygiene issue in the building itself. 


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