Compatible Signs: Terengganu man who put up singles’ ad banners around town finds love

Good news for all the dreamers, idealists, and fools out there looking for true love: our dear Terengganu friend, Noor Aziro Abdullah, who went about finding his future wife by posting banners across town, has found his match.

Ain’t love grand, folks?

Earlier this month, we told you that Aziro had taken an unorthodox approach to finding his life partner after attempts online proved fruitless by putting up banners across Dungun, Terengganu, listing his information and telling the public that he was looking for a wife.

The banners informed the good people passing through the east coast town that he was looking for a match, he wrote his name, age, and weight, listing his occupation as “normal job.” (Aziro, ever modest, works as a carpenter.)

Not one to discriminate, a body-positive Aziro noted that big girls were also welcome.

“Hope that I can get a wife ASAP,” the banner added wishfully.

Whoever would like to agree to be his wife was encouraged to contact him, and his phone number was listed below.

After drawing national attention for the banners, he also apparently caught the eye of a Kuala Terengganu woman, and Aziro’s sister confirmed to the Malay Mail that he is now in contact with a 33-year-old clerk.

Last week, Aziro and his younger sister Noorazira Abdullah met with the woman, and she agreed to be his wife. Despite sealing the deal, the two are taking it easy and are still getting to know each other via text message.

“I don’t want to be choosy with my brother’s candidates,” she told the local daily.

“As long as the candidate can accept my brother and our modest family is enough. My brother is only a carpenter and the reason he put up the banner is to find someone who can accept him for who he is.”

Despite his banners eventually being taken down by the local town council, Aziro’s message caught the attention of Malaysians everywhere, with the carpenter receiving calls from as far afield as Klang, Johor, and Sarawak. His message even went international, with a woman ringing him from Indonesia to inquire about his unusual ad.

So there you have it folks: Love is patient. Love is kind. And sometimes love is putting your personal information on an unauthorized singles ad and posting it all over town.

Good luck, you crazy kids.

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