Cheap thrills: Jamal Yunos fined RM400 for public nuisance charge

Former fugitive, and current Sungai Besar Umno chief, Jamal Yunos was found guilty of being a public nuisance by a magistrate’s court today, and was fined RM400 (US$100) for the country’s collective troubles.

That’s right Malaysians, sleep soundly at night knowing that not only is the cost/punishment of a grown, adult man of 41 marrying a child of 11 years old only RM1,800 (US$445), but heading down to a government building with crates full of beer with the sole intention to smash them at said government building’s doorstep will only set you back four-hundred big ones.

Yunos, a figure best known for grassroots rabble-rousing, unsolicited shower selfies “protesting” water, and for sending officials on a month-long goose chase after bouncing town post-public nuisance charge, plead guilty to the offense.

Apologizing to the court, and public (Ed. Note: Apology not accepted), he said that his intention had only been to stir a media circus to draw attention to the Better Beer Festival, a micro-brew gathering that had already been canceled.

Yunos told the court he was under the impression that his antics had resulted in having the organizer’s permit revoked.

Let us remind you, dear reader, that attending micro-brew festivals is not a mandatory activity anywhere in Malaysia.

Sitting Magistrate Raja Noor Adila Raja Mahyaldin gave Yunos the maximum fine, with the option of one-month’s jail time in lieu of payment.

Asking for a lowered fine, he explained that his intention had been to clean the mess up after “attracting public attention … so youngsters should no easily consume alcohol.” However, members of his entourage had advised him to leave the scene immediately post-smashing.

Meanwhile, fresh charges related to his flight from police custody over a RM400 fine will see Yunos back in court at a later date. More serious in nature, they carry a sentence of up to two years in prison, or a fine, or both!

Still waiting for that water pressure report in prison Jamal!

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