‘Can I advise you something?!’ We’re here for the remix, and for the ‘Scarface’ dub

Ah, readers. It was but a week ago when Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission chief Latheefa Koya unleashed 45 minutes of shady-a** bliss upon us in the form of leaked audio tapes between members of the previous administration, including none other former Prime Minister Najib Razak and his, ahem, colorful wife, Rosmah Mansor.

In one of the clips, the ex-PM’s wife can be heard berating her husband over the handling of the 1MDB scandal following revelations from U.S. authorities, giving rise to the most iconic line from the whole wiretap dump.

No, not our personal favorite line, in which Rosmah tells Najib, “You got goons around you,” but rather that most pleasing of crowd-pleasers: Rosmah bellowing at her seemingly hapless husband, “Can I advise you something?!”

The line — much like “Say hello to my little friend,” and “Hold on to your butts” — was absorbed into our collective consciousness almost immediately, echoing across the Malaysian internet and quickly finding its way into casual conversations.

It should come as no surprise, then, that the “Can I advise you something?!” is now the basis for a tech-house remix (video above) that no one thought they needed a week ago, but today can’t imagine living without.

Issa bop.

And speaking of “Say hello to my little friend,” if electronic music isn’t your bag, but a coked-up Al Pacino is, have we got another gem for you!

Behold, the Scarface edit, wherein Rosmah somehow out-gangsters none other than Tony Montana himself:

Rosmah calling ScarfaceWARNING: THIS VIDEO CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE, ADULT THEMES AND STRONG FUNNY. ENJOYZ#caniadviseyousomething #rosmah #malaysia #malaysiamemes #scarface #parody #dub #madlipz

Posted by Steven Bones Everything on Friday, January 10, 2020

You’re welcome. It’s Wednesday, and we’re already dead.


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