BBC accidentally names Malaysian deputy Prime Minister in Pakistan blasphemy row

Hi, not Pakistani but probably wouldn’t mind the free press

Malaysia’s Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi found himself inadvertently in the international spotlight after the BBC accidentally tagged him on social media in the on-going case of blasphemy allegations by a Pakistani minister.

Zahid Hamid, Pakistan’s law minister accused of blasphemy for omitting a reference to the Prophet Muhammad in a revised version of the country’s electoral oath, faced days of rioting by incensed masses. He has since resigned.

Adding insult to the BBC’s injury was the fact that the renown international news organization didn’t even manage to tag the official page of the Zahid Hamidi. Instead, they briefly gave a fan page dedicated to the second-in-line a little time in the sun before quickly realizing their error amid widespread mockery. The names have since been amended, and untagged.

Meanwhile in Malaysia, our deputy PM was forecasting the country’s next general elections, sharing that they could very well happen within days of the next Chinese New Year.

Can’t hardly wait for the ang pow and political #drama.

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