Aucka-what? Aucka-who? MAS left red-faced after geography gaffe

via Malaysia Airlines Facebook

Aiyo. Yesterday evening, the Malaysia Airlines social media marketing team proved in dire need of some geography lessons after they confused two New Zealand cities.

Take in some of the “finest cultural and natural sights in Christchurch.” Too bad the photo they used, along with the MAS logo, was of Auckland. Oops. 

The post read: “Standing tall above Christchurch is the volcanic Mt. Eden,” with an image of the extinct volcano and Auckland’s distinct Sky Tower visible in the background. “Once a fortified Maori village, the hill is now home to a vibrant suburb that offers some of the finest cultural and natural sights in Christchurch.” (Bold letters ours).

The gaffe became rather apparent when social media’s ruthless commentators quickly jumped on board to tear up the hapless post. Kean Leong wrote, “Get your geography right. It is Mt Eden, Auckland you are talking about. Please do not fly me to the wrong city.”

Don’t worry social media intern, you may have confused Auckland and Christchurch, but it can’t get much worse than flying in the wrong direction. Yep… In late 2015, you may remember the time one of Malaysia Airline’s pilots flew in an entirely opposite direction  leaving New Zealand. Or for that matter, that time this week when Donald Trump told the world “an armada” was sailing to the Korean peninsula, when it was actually sailing 3,500km in the other direction towards Australia.

Definitely time for some geography lessons all round.  


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