Assemblyman caught yelling at constituents says those who share clip will be sued

A screenshot from one of the clips

Melaka Executive Councilor andPengkalan Batu DAP Assemblyman Norhizam Hassan Baktee was caught in an unflattering light recently, after video circulated of him in a shouting match with his constituents on social media.

For the record: It’s generally not a very good look yelling at the very people who voted for you to represent them.

Sensing the PR nightmare at his doorstep, he has now warned various parties sharing the videos, taken in a public space, that he will sue them unless they are removed.

Luckily for you, they have not been:

Hebat YB DAP Melaka ni…Macam ni dia layan rakyat..#MalaysiaBaharu

Posted by Afriz Mohd Noor on Monday, October 8, 2018

Backstory: Residents of Pengkalan Batu have recently been divided over the closure of two roads by local authorities, and the opening of a subsequent side road. While some find the newly tarred road inconvenient and wish for the two old roads to be reopened, others maintain that the thoroughfares posed a danger, causing traffic accidents and motorcycle thefts.

Fair enough. However, the video clip doesn’t exactly show the assemblyman appealing to the rational side of the residents of a nearby village who want the roads re-opened. Instead, it’s safe to say that he’s lost his cool, and can be seen heatedly telling them that they need to use the jalan kampung (village road/side road), and asking why they just won’t use the new road. In another clip, he angrily tells them that his decision to close the roads is final.

Expressing that the video clips only show “one side” of the story (the nature of the beast, Norhizam), the DAP man has now said that anyone who “continues with the distribution [of the clip] … I will sue them shortly.”

Right. Not quite how it works, sir. We’re not saying that we don’t support making communities safer, but losing your cool on camera is on you, buddy. Next time, remember to take some deep breaths, and remember your talking points.






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