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Politics, crime, scams, intrigue, blatant lies and social media trends - all of the latest absurdities to come out of Kuala Lumpur, and Coconuts is the first stop to find out. Malaysia, and Kuala Lumpur, moves to the beat of a different drum. The slightly out of tune bongo drum in the drum circle, if you will. A headline one day about the latest in international investment, or the latest skyscraper being built, can be replaced the next day with perplexing news of 1 point-something billion Ringgit that mysteriously goes missing. Don’t be surprised if later in the week, you hear about the latest antics from a local shaman. He likes to turn up at any international event with column inches. All of this, for better or worse, all of it, gets played out on a global stage in the digital age. Sometimes you wonder, how the heck did we get here? But where else in the world can you find the finest cosmopolitan things in life, sitting right next to headlines that make you wonder exactly which decade we live in? Read some of our local papers, and you may wonder if you’re in a twilight zone. At Coconuts Kuala Lumpur, if there’s humor to be found in a headline, we’ll find it. And we go far and wide to find the best stories. Don’t be fooled though, we’re not afraid of tackling the darker side. Calling out the ridiculous and shedding light on the unfair things that happen here as well. And trust us, there are plenty. If you’ve ever wanted to slip into a paradox, then you have found a home with us.

Tiger attacks spark emergency trapping efforts in Malaysia

In response to a recent spate of fatal tiger attacks, Malaysian authorities have begun trapping and relocating the critically endangered animals in the Gua Musang district of Kelantan.  The unprecedented move comes after three people were...


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