Rising to fame one wall at a time, get to know Malaysian graffiti artist Kenji Chai who’ll soon journey to Manchester


What do world-renowned graffiti artists Banksy, Lady Pink, Blek Le Rat have in common? Obviously, their love and talent for graffiti go without saying. However, it’s also the subtle messages of their murals that have allowed them to resonate with the masses. Combine that passion with a Malaysian background and we get Kenji Chai, aka Chaigo — Malaysia’s own beloved graffiti artist and graphic designer.

Meet the street artist and man responsible for color-laden streets at Jalan Kamunting, Sandakan, Penang. Known for his signature mural ‘Feed the Stray’ inspired by his zodiac sign, Kenji Chai is all about connecting with people, and his artwork is his love letter to admirers and audiences alike.

Photo: Instagram @mr_kenjichai
Photo: Instagram @mr_kenjichai

The Sabah Sandakan-born artist was once a graphic designer getting by with a 9-to-5 job until he realized that there was more to discover beyond this routine. After a close friend introduced him to the world of graffiti, Kenji decided to break free of his routine to pursue his passion for art.

Now, having spray-painted his work across the walls of Malaysia and in countries such as the US, China, and Spain for almost a decade, Kenji Chai has rightfully earned his place to showcase his work to a new audience. This time at an exciting new location –  Manchester, UK.

Fueled by his enthusiasm for art and overwhelming support from his mom, it’s now time for him to showcase his talent to the world. Kenji Chai is on a mission to share his passion for graffiti art with the Manchester City Football Club and their star players. He is supported by Australia’s leading and award-winning winemaker, Wolf Blass, who have been on a hunt for talented individuals to share their passion with this year’s Premier League champions, Man City.

Kenji Chai is pushing himself one wall at a time in order to achieve his goal of becoming an international street artist just like his heroes Banksy, Blek Le Rat, and Mad C. He hopes to do this by continuously putting his work out there and connecting with the right people. Kenji is about to explore a whole new world and meet the Man City stars who share a similar magnitude of passion, on and off the field.

Stay tuned to follow Kenji’s journey in Manchester and what he has in store for Premier League champions.

Trivia fact: Kenji Chai’s graffiti work frequently treads upon the subjects of nature and animals because these objects aren’t going to be around forever (and he’s not wrong) — and this is how he hopes to preserve them.

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