Music Video: Azmyl Yunor’s “Tanah Air Ku” is a road trip into Malaysia’s heart

Singer-songwriter Azmyl Yunor has always held a strong desire to connect with his vision of Malaysia through his music, and the lead single from his upcoming album with Orkes Padu, Was Was, is another chapter in his search for home.

“Tanah Air Ku”, directed by Imri Nasution, is a timely release, uploaded on YouTube just a day after Malaysia Day, and sees Azmyl (and a Native American tribal chief? Sure, okay) traversing Malaysia in a visual and musical road trip, connecting more with the lay of the land more than the diverse people the video pointedly does not depict.

And what’s in that box on the back of that pick-up truck? Is that Malaysia’s dark secret, or the one thing keeping us together? Only Azmyl (and the, uh, tribal chief?) knows for sure:




If you’re still hankering for some Azmyl-flavoured music, and can’t wait for Was Was, you might want to check Something I Wrote, a collection of Azmyl Yunor’s music reimagined, rearranged and recorded by the cast of the Boh Cameronian Arts Awards-winning theatre production of the same name. It’s just been released on Bandcamp and retails for USD5 (or more, if you feel like it).

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