Malaysia-based Chef Carrie prepares to take Tiki-Taka to Manchester and cook up a storm for Man City


Quitting a cushy corporate manager role to start a new career is not for the weak of hearts, and for Carrie Scully, it was a restart button that the culinarian doesn’t regret at all. That decision has paid off in more ways than one as she sets out to showcase her cooking talents in front of the stars of the recently crowned Premier League champions, Manchester City.

Who is Carrie Scully?

If you haven’t ventured to Kuala Lumpur for some time, you’re missing out on Tiki Taka, the tapas joint helmed by Chef Carrie that’s serving up mouthwatering tapas and pintxos.

As the head chef of the Spanish-inspired establishment, it’s hard to imagine that she was on a different career path not too long ago. Chef Carrie doesn’t regret making the jump from a corporate environment to pursue her passion for cooking, but the jump wasn’t easy. She described her career change as something akin to ‘leaving her comfort zone and straight onto a rollercoaster ride’.

Chef Carrie never went to culinary school. Instead, she sold her car and walked 10 km to work each day, took home a small paycheck while slowly working her way up the ranks in the kitchen. Grit, perseverance, and passion helped to motivate Chef Carrie to become the culinary genius that she is today.

A taste that’s uniquely Carrie

Having a multicultural background was a blessing for Chef Carrie. With Thai and Indian grandmothers and an Irish grandfather, coupled with her Malaysian background, she infuses these cultural influences into her modern yet traditional approach to cooking.

With tremendous respect for traditional recipes, Carrie pays homage to her Penang roots by featuring seafood and fresh sustainable produce in her restaurant’s menu. The combination of these elements led to the creation of her signature dish – The Salted Egg Crab Bun Pintxo. Another one of her personal favorites is the Tiki Taka Tiradito, the Peruvian equivalent of Ceviche which she is planning to whip up for the players of Man City.

Fun fact: Tiki Taka is the cooking style that Chef Carrie has adopted for the Tiradito, which incidentally happens to be the same name as the fast-paced football style which Manchester City is known for.

With a successful career transition, and a hip, award-winning restaurant to show for it, Carrie is realizing her lifelong passion for cooking. She’s even been selected by Australia’s leading winemaker Wolf Blass, who has been scouring Southeast Asia for talents that share the same ferocity and passion, with the stars of Manchester City. The sky is truly the limit for Chef Carrie at this point, and she’s sure to make Malaysia proud.

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