Legendary comedian Jimmy Carr is in KL next week, Malaysians watch some of his most offensive clips

Felching? Pfffft. Screenshot from LOL Events video.

A lifetime down, one week to go until the maestro of heckler responses, British funnyman Jimmy Carr, graces our shores.

Can you tell that we’ve been watching his comedy specials for years, and are pretty chuffed that he’ll be performing at our very own HGH Convention Center, September 14, in fair Sentul?

The excitement at Coconuts KL HQ is palpable.

Explaining Jimmy Carr to the uninitiated is a bit difficult. You could say he’s dark, but that doesn’t seem to cover his scope very well. Ditto on the whole straight-faced delivery — it doesn’t quite sum it up. Best thing to do is just watch as many of his clips as possible, really, though we highly recommend this one, and this too.

Organizers LOL Events, who have also brought us quality comedy like Eddie Izzard, Margaret Cho, and Kevin Hart (this December!), have put together a sample of our country’s finest to give them a little taste of what to expect next Friday.

Watch, and let’s just say that the coolest cucumber of the lot is clearly the mak cik, who has rated the level of “nasty and offensiveness” in jokes about anal sex and bodily fluids a mere “5” on her scale. Boss.

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