How to find the right flowers for any occasion!

Photo: Flower Chimp
Photo: Flower Chimp


Whether you need to celebrate a milestone or apologize profusely to someone, sending a gorgeously wrapped bouquet has become a universal way to say “I care”. If you’re going to shell out the cash for some blooms though, wouldn’t you want to make sure you’re crafting the perfect message? 

Red roses have become synonymous with romance, as seen in the poetic works of Shakespeare and possibly every rom-com ever made. They’re definitely nice to look at, but we’re here to present the case for leveraging the meanings of individual flowers’ to create a more personalized gift. We’re also here to push the rhetoric that the differently-hued counterparts of popular flowers have been sorely overlooked.

Well, the floral experts behind Kuala Lumpur-based Flower Chimp have some tips and tricks for choosing the right blooms. With more than 400 types of bouquets available on their website, you’ll probably need all the help you can get. There’s something for every occasion — whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, graduation or for surprising your better half with during a romantic getaway. Of course, you’ll even be able to add a personalized message — hold the flowery language ‘cause these blooms speak for themselves.

Carefully cut, snipped, stripped, dethorned, bundled and wrapped by their in-house team of experienced florists, these bouquets are meticulously crafted with utmost consideration of every client’s needs. Only fresh and high-quality flowers are picked for their bundles, which incidentally, will also help to keep things fresh in your relationship. 

Besides knowing how to bring out the best in every stalk, Flower Chimp has taken into consideration the historical meaning of flowers and colors, as well as clients’ preferences through working with their growing clientele. 

We’ve rounded up some of the meanings of popular flower choices from the experts over at Flower Chimp. 


Whatever it is you need to say, you can definitely say it with roses. Sure, classic red roses are always a safe choice, but isn’t it time you step out of your safe zone? If you’re celebrating an anniversary, a purple rose might be a good reminder of how far you’ve come, and it represents love at first sight. While more uncommon, orange roses actually represent desire and passion. Send a bunch to your lover and your beloved might just plant one on you. 

Bouquets with roses: Jade, Yasmin – Mixed Rose Bouquet


Revered for the bright pop of colour they bring to a bouquet, sunflowers are a staple in celebrating happy occasions. Reminiscent of the sun’s comforting warmth, they represent happiness, adoration and dedication. Ideal for celebrating the joys of life and the exciting milestones that come with it. Why not include it in a bouquet the next time you’re celebrating a loved one’s birthday or graduation?

Example of bouquets: Bloomy Days, Sunset Roses and Sweet Sunrise 


It’s easy to see why the uniquely shaped flower is a favorite. The simple yet elegant tulip has been widely used to represent ‘perfect love’. Red ones are traditionally associated with true love, perfect for a wedding proposal or to mark the start of a burgeoning romance. They’ll look effortlessly classy in any posy, and are great for reminding your partner you love them a whole bunch. 

Bouquets with tulips: Penelope, Evelyn, Isabelle

We bet you’re inspired to send your beloved a sweet gift, and you can do so, in more ways than one. Flower Chimp’s bouquets start at RM99 a pop, and you’ll even get to personalize your order with add-on options such as balloons and chocolates. 

Pondering between chocolates and flowers? You can have the best of both worlds, with their special Trinity Boxes, a sleek, modern update to flowers and chocolates in a heart-shaped box. These convenient black boxes come with flowers seated on the top, with a pull-out drawer filled with chocolate for a sweet surprise. 

Flowers not your thing? You can also order a variety of whole cakes right from the website, with options ranging from a classic New York cheesecake to a triple chocolate crepe cake. Talk about a one-stop-shop for all celebratory gifts! 

Besides the free same-day delivery throughout Malaysia, customers can choose between three different time slots each day, so none of your bouquets have to be late bloomers, and they’ll also be fresher for longer!

Head over to their Instagram page to keep up with all things Flower Chimp! 

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