Fundraiser against child marriage at Pisco Bar this Sunday: Music, drinks and RM20 raffle tickets for a great cause

Pisco Bar KL

Readers: As you know, we here at Coconuts KL are not mincing our words when it comes to our stand on child marriage: Just plain wrong, and detrimental to the moral fibers of our society.

Luckily, many citizens across the nation feel exactly the same way, and the good people at Pisco Bar, coincidentally one of the best places you can go for fun and new friends on any given day of the week in KL, are putting together a fundraiser to draw awareness to the issue this Sunday.

All proceeds go to the charity Voice of the Children (VoC), and they hope that in addition to raising money for the cause, more conversations, education, and advocacy on the matter will happen.

Voice of the Children (VoC) is a non-profit organization founded in 2008 that advocates on issues affecting all children in Malaysia. Through law and policy reform, they hope to ensure that children are protected from all forms of abuse.

Central to their ethos is promoting the concept of children’s rights to protect the welfare and well-being of minors across the country, as well as the continued implementation of the Convention of the Rights of the Child.

Live music, and raffle tickets will be sold for RM20 (US$5) a pop, and prizes include flight tickets, fancy dinners and more.

The event starts at 5pm, so get there early. We just bought RM100 worth of tickets, so meet us on the dance floor for a Sunday boogie with a great cause.


Still Too Young – A fundraiser against Child Marriage

Sunday, September 23

5pm – 1am

Pisco Bar

29 Jalan Mesui

Bukit Bintang 50200 Kuala Lumpur


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