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COCONUTS HOT SPOT — Where do you go when you suddenly have some cravings for Thai street food in Petaling Jaya?  Why, Thai Camp of course.  Fast meals priced very reasonably in a decent and comfortable premise – Thai Camp’s offerings meet all those requirements and more – the food is pretty good, too!

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The dishes served in Thai Camp are typically those you would find in the streets of Thailand, whether it’s in Bangkok, Phuket or Chiangmai.  The repertoire, although not very extensive, does cover a good range of popular dishes found all across Thailand.

First on the list of must-order is the feisty Seafood Tomyum Noodles.  This is the northern Thai tomyum which has coconut milk in it.  There’s plenty of Thai chillies in it which will leave some happy tingling on your tongue. 

Seafood Tom Yum
Seafood Tomyum Noodles

Two big succulent prawns, fresh squids and tomatoes jostle for space in the bowl of Thai rice noodles.  You can choose to have your tomyum with white rice too.

The thick pork cuts of their Moo Ping win hands-down as the top favourite.  The marination is flavoursome and the meat nicely grilled with some charred sides.  These “pork satay” certainly remind us of the delicious skewers commonly found in the streets of Thailand.

Moo Ping
Moo Ping


The Chiangmai staple dish, “Kao Soi” is on the menu too.  It is quite rare here – not many Thai restaurants in KL/PJ serve this. It’s labelled as “Thai Camp Curry Noodles” with “Kao Soi Kai” printed in smaller fonts below it. 

Khai Soi
Thai Camp Curry Noodles

I must say Thai Camp’s rendition is pretty much authentic based on the kao soi I ate in Chiangmai.  That shouldn’t be a big surprise as Thai Camp is run by Nic and his Thai wife rules the kitchen. 

At only RM7.50 a bowl, I think it’s a steal – it’s a huge bowl of noodles done 2 ways: soft and crunchy submerged in a thick flavourful spicy broth and a big chicken drumstick.

Pork Panaeng Rice
Pork Panaeng with Rice

The Pork Panaeng with Rice does not disappoint either.  The thick creamy curry sauce with lean pork is an excellent accompaniment to the plain rice.  Nothing fancy, just plain rice and aromatic curry – one of life’s best comfort food!

The menu has a list of deep-fried items which are decent if you want some crunchy bites to go with the main hot meals.  Popular items are Thai Pork Satay – Moo Ping, Thai Fish Cakes – Tod Man Pla, Fried Pork Pops – Moo Sab Tod, Thai Camp Preserved Eggs and Fried Chicken Wings – Kai Tod. 

However, the chilli dip served with the fried items can be better, though.  Personally, I find there’s not enough kick in it – the heat and zest need further enhancement.

Thai Camp may be a bit cramped in terms of space (it occupies half a shoplot) but it’s a good spot for some quick bites of reasonably authentic street-style Thai food.  And if you are ever craving for a bowl of kao soi, you know where to go!


37 Jalan 20/7
Taman Paramount
46300 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 012-345-1768

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