Barat: Great vegetarian food, good social deeds, and the occasional lecture

Barat is a stylish and modern Mediterranean-inspired vegetarian restaurant with a conscience — their food comes from as close to the source as possible, dealing directly with the farmers as much as possible, and ensuring that most of the capital goes straight to the grower. It’s a commendable mission, and something that is genuinely lacking ...

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High Steaks Reviews: Vantador

High Steaks Reviews: Vantador

Leaving no meat unturned on the grill, Coconuts KL has decided to review as many of Kuala Lumpur’s steakhouses as our pocketbook can handle. We dine anonymously. We pay our...

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You want to head out to a fancy restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but you don’t trust the reviews from a “normal food blogger-slash-reviewer”? That’s what our esteemed food critics are here for. Made up of seasoned reviewers who eat and write for a living, if there’s a voice your ‘atas’ self can trust, it’s theirs. You can expect unbiased, strong food reviews from our hard-to-please Critic’s Table, so if they tell you the place is good, don’t argue; just go.