Urbanscapes 2017: Wisdom, mustard and hangover tips from Locker & Loft

Tuak sangria at Locker & Loft
Tuak sangria at Locker & Loft

The Urbanscapes house is at it again this Friday and Saturday, with the crew from Locker & Loft hosting a takeover at Office by Tiffin. Last week was the opening party, and there wasn’t a thirsty mouth left in the building.

What to expect tomorrow?  We sat down with Deepak Gill, ex-Esquire columnist, occasional blogger, and now bar owner to get the inside scoop.


What can we expect from your takeover at the Urbanscapes house tomorrow? I was there last week and it was LIT.

Yeah? Good! We’re doing 5 cocktails. One definitely pre-bottled. Not sure about the others, we’re still discussing. Kelapa Rock is our most popular drink at Locker & Loft.


What’s that?

Vodka, coconut water, and a bit of sugar syrup. We used to make it at parties, and put it on the menu. Simple and tastes good. It’s isotonic too, so that helps with hangovers.


How long has Locker & Loft been open?

Fourteen months. We’re a PJ bar, with a good local clientele. Hopefully this gives us a bit of KL exposure. Originally, we wanted a place that was a modern, and cozy bar that also played good music. And affordable. There’s a lot of marking up that happens in the bar scene here. I’m not really interested in getting rich quick, I just wanted to make a place where people can have a good time.


What type of drinks do you do?

We actually do drinks and food. Local flavors, throw in Milo Ais (the malt chocolate drink from your childhood). We also have one with Katcai Chin Mui, which is this… lime-rind citrus drink. We add gin and midori. It’s good.


That does sound good.

We have a few alcoholic milkshakes. Jackfruit-based. Also, another with jackfruit, mustard and lime.


Mustard? Like the sandwich stuff?

Yes. Hahaha. It’s good! Every Thursday we run a smaller pop-up bar inside the bar, where customers can come and make their own cocktails. If it’s good, then we’ll put it on the menu.


There are so many bars in KL now. Good ones.

Yeah, the bar scene has evolved very fast here, and that’s good. Healthy competition never hurt anyone, and it helps bring down the prices.


Can I ask you some rapid-fire questions that only years of wisdom and drinking can answer?


Ok –

What’s the best drink to be happy with?

Rum and ginger ale. Anytime of day, even for breakfast. Sometimes you just want something simple.

 Best drink to feel nostalgic with?

Night Train Express, the mainstay of any 90s Malaysian party. It used to cost RM6.50 and now it’s RM40. Total bum wine, it’s almost 18% alcohol. Half a bottle and you’re good; an entire bottle and you’ll be flying.

Most maligned drink at the bar?

Long Island Iced Tea. So many get made with really bad quality alcohol, but made with a bit of love and the right ingredients, Long Island isn’t that bad.

Best tips for fixing a hangover?

Coconut water, some meat, carbs and more sleep. Really the secret is more sleep. That and drinking at least half a liter of water before you pass out.

No Panadol?

Nah. Just … water, food and sleep.


Urbanscapes Presents: Office by Tiffin

Urbanscape House

2, Jalan Hang Kasturi, 50050 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Locker & Loft Takeover: Friday 12 May & Saturday 13 May

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