Urbanscapes 2017: Wisdom, mustard and hangover tips from Locker & Loft

The Urbanscapes house is at it again this Friday and Saturday, with the crew from Locker & Loft hosting a takeover at Office by Tiffin. Last week was the opening party, and there wasn’t a thirsty mouth left in the building. What to expect tomorrow?  We sat down with Deepak Gill, ex-Esquire columnist, occasional blogger,


Urbanscapes 2017 – Coconuts meets: Cigarettes After Sex

Greg Gonzalez from Cigarettes After Sex has been in Malaysia for over 48 hours and he has not had nasi lemak. “How do you spell that?” he asks, passing me his phone so that I...

Urbanscapes 2017 – Coconuts meets: Cigarettes After Sex

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