Coconuts Meets: Naufal Anwa, co-founder HOAXVISION

HOAX Collective

Naufal Anwa, the 22-year old co-founder of Kuala Lumpur art collective, HOAXVISION, has a lot to be happy about these days. Something bigger than the beyond-capacity parties he throws every Friday with his partner I-Sky. Something better than those pristine Ricardo Tisci for Nike kicks, with the Comme des Garçons shirt. This year HOAX is staging a takeover for the opening party of the city-wide festival Urbanscapes. It’s called HOAX In The House, and features a collective of singers, DJs and musicians who are defining youth culture in KL.

The festival kick-off is this Friday, 5th May and it runs until 21st of May. It promises to be a mishmash of arts, culture, food and of course the most important thing… music. Cigarettes After Sex. Mew. Crystal Castles. Everything is selling out, but the party that everyone is talking about is happening this Friday. It’s invite-only, and promises to set the bar for the coming weeks.

We sat down with Naufal and asked about all things young, and creative in Malaysia.

First thing’s first, what is HOAXVISION?

HOAXVISION is a creative powerhouse, with music, art, poetry and mostly really nice conversations. A cult that worships Kate Moss in a Supreme tee + fur coat. True story.


Oh yeah – that picture is a deity. What does it mean to be young and creative in in KL? It’s not exactly New York or Paris.

It’s nice. Having to walk up at any club or event without being stopped or having to wear a tag at this age is nice. The rest of the parts aren’t really pretty. I gotta squeeze my head thinking what’s next. How to be two steps forward. “What would Bruce Wayne do” type mentality.


How does one become part of HOAX?

HOAX is as abstract as it gets. We choose you. Don’t ever ask to be part of it, know your worth!


How did HOAX and Urbanscapes end up working together?

We were approached last year for a show. No idea we got to do opening day itself. The feeling is amazing. It’s something that Urbanscapes has never done. I’m so glad that they’re trying something new for this.


Yeah, they’ve not done much hip-hop and trap. What’s your end-goal for the party? What do you want to be the takeaway?

The goal for HOAX In The House is to show Malaysian music and art in its most honest form. There will be important people attending and I hope there’s enough time for me to personally connect with the audience and the we’ll kick it from there.


Is there honesty left in music, or has the earnest been replaced by empty bravado?

Empty bravado? Partially. It has become more accessible for anyone to share their work. But you can really tell who’s got talent and who doesn’t. Who puts in more work than others. Everyone is more opinionated now too.


What’s next for HOAX?

Our fourth mixtape coming out in June (celebrating 3 years of HOAXVISION), HOAX006 in July, more tunes for the radio. We’re gonna start doing publishing if we have the time. Gotta protect our art. Set the blueprint for the upcoming artists and they fly from there. We never copy.


What inspires HOAX?

We inspire ourselves. Everyone involved is family. No ego among each other. The energy is surreal. Never about the money.


Five most important people right now in music?

Travis Scott, Hans Zimmer, Rihanna, The Weeknd, Young Thug. In that order.


What’s the best night in KL?

My Fridays at Artebar are cool if you wanna have a good time without having to ball (ed: the beers are criminally cheap), Sweatbox on Saturdays are cool. Poetry nights are on the come up, I want more of those please!


And finally, what to expect from a HOAX party?

Equality for the attendees.


You know this is invite-only right?

I wish this wasn’t an invite-only event! Usually at HOAX parties there won’t be any guestlist whatsoever. No ballers. You come with the purpose of coming to a HOAX party. No strangers. We can all be friends.


But we can’t all be fam.

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