When a whole city becomes a cyber-bullying target: the best memes ridiculing Bekasi

Bekasi is sweltering hot, it’s densely populated, and it’s awfully polluted. So should we fix a problematic city like Bekasi?

Nah, in true Indonesian fashion, we’ll just make memes about it instead.

Bekasi has become a “cyber-bullying” target on the Internet lately. Memes were created (most definitely by Jakartans) to poke fun at the harsh living conditions in the satellite city. Here are some of the best memes we found floating around the Internet:


This is the most ubiquitous Bekasi meme so far. In it, the city is not a satellite city to Jakarta, rather it’s a satellite orbiting between the Earth and the sun. No wonder temperatures almost reached 40 degrees Celsius in Bekasi over the weekend.

This Armageddon-inspired meme pokes fun at how far Bekasi is from Jakarta. Poor old Bruce Willis painfully says goodbye to his daughter, the always bangin’ Liv Tyler. Apparently you need to take a space shuttle to the hostile environment that is Bekasi.

With all that’s wrong with Bekasi, there has to be plenty wrong with the people who choose to live there. That’s why Johnny Depp is advising the little boy to stay away from a girl he met online… because she’s from Bekasi.

Are you from Bekasi and hate these memes? Join your fellow Bekasians by fighting back on Twitter with the hashtag #iniBekasiku. Don’t worry about being outnumbered, Pevita Pearce is on your side.


tuh ditanya sama mbak pevita pic.twitter.com/gW6aXMLgWc

— mbakdos (@mbakdos) October 11, 2014


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