WATCH: Cinema goer ‘possessed’ during screening of Annabelle: Creation in South Kalimantan

Cinema goers carrying out the supposedly possessed woman out of the cinema. Photo: Video screengrab

Did the demon that possessed the doll in Annabelle fly (float?) all the way to Indonesia to possess an unsuspecting woman in South Kalimantan?

That might explain the events of the video below, if you believe in the supernatural and fictional characters being real (well, the Annabelle series is supposedly based on a true story, but the people who first told it were exposed as total frauds). As silly as it sounds, many netizens in Indonesia seem to believe that this woman was possessed by some kind of a spirit, related to the demonic child’s doll or otherwise, while watching Annabelle: Creation at a cinema in Duta Mall, Banjarmasin city.

According to information from the above Instagram post, which was uploaded by Indonesian comedy/memes aggregator @ngakaksehat, the woman suddenly screamed incoherently in the middle of the movie, scaring other cinema goers. She was then carried out of the studio and nothing has been heard of her since.

(Side note: Our favorite moment in the video is when one cinema goer can be heard demanding, “start the movie again from the beginning.” He’s clearly awesome.)

The incident supposedly took place at around 9:30 pm yesterday.

This video is eerily similar to another supposed possession that took place in a cinema in Bandung last year, supposedly to somebody who was watching The Conjuring 2.

See a pattern here? In case you weren’t aware, the Annabelle movies are actually part of The Conjuring movie franchise. So we’ll leave it up to you to decide if these are actually evil spirits targeting unsuspecting cinema goers or just the latest episode in a frighteningly successful viral marketing campaign.

Correction: An earlier version of this article stated that Banjarmasin is located in the province of Central Kalimantan. We have corrected this to say that Banjarmasin is located in South Kalimantan.

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