VIRAL: Bule describes his love of “ayam” in this hilarious video

UPDATE: The video has been removed from Facebook. Here’s the explanation from Manuel Gituloh:


There are a lot of stereotypes about the relationships between bule (caucasian) men and Indonesian women, and this hilarious video by a Dutchman — who goes by “Manuel Gituloh” on Facebook — manages to make fun of most of them in a little over 3 minutes. 

In describing his relationship with his new girlfriend “ayam” (who, in this case, is a literal chicken) Manuel mentions many of the things that people often whisper behind the backs of East/West couples here, like the way he likes his new girlfriend’s dark skin and exotic looks, even though others say she looks like a pembantu (maid).


It’s funny enough that we don’t even need to examine too closely the fact that his ayam happens to be a male rooster.

For any of you who might be confused about the video’s main joke, Manuel inserted this helpful definition of “ayam” at the end of the video:

On the description for his Facebook page, Manuel writes  “saya cinta indonesia karena makanan adalah enak dan alam adalah bagus sekali. saya suka membuat orang tertawa” (“I love Indonesia because the food is good and the environment is really great. I like to make people laugh”). He also has plenty of other videos about Indonesia that you can check out.



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