TransJakarta bus catches on fire for the nth time

In news that will probably surprise very few people, yet another TransJakarta bus caught on fire this morning on Jalan Cimahi, Central Jakarta.

The bus, which was going towards Latuharhari, combusted at 6:05 am, just 500 meters from the Sudirman train station.

Two firetrucks were deployed to put out the fire.

“Two units were sent to the location and the fire was extinguished,” said Irfan, a Central Jakarta firefighter who was at the scene, as quoted by Okezone.

Irfan added that there were no casualties from the fire. The cause of the fire hasn’t been determined.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that a TransJakarta bus caught on fire while on the road. The same thing happened several times in the past, mainly caused by an electrical failure in the bus.

Last year, the provincial government grounded 60 of TransJakarta’s Chinese-manufactured buses as a safety precaution since all of the buses that caught on fire then were made in China. Before the buses were deemed safe to transport passengers without combusting, this grounding led to a temporary shortage of TransJakarta buses in the city which, in turn, caused many trips to fall behind schedule.



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