Toddler falls from 6th floor apartment while parents were out, miraculously survives


A two-and-a-half year old boy identified as Giovani miraculously survived an extremely high fall in Central Jakarta recently, after his parents left him alone in their apartment.

According to authorities, on the morning of Saturday, May 13, Giovani’s parents went out to buy milk and left him in their apartment as he was asleep. But the boy woke up while his parents were still out.

“The window to the balcony was locked, but the child managed to unlock and open it. When the parents returned, they were shocked as their child had fallen [from the balcony],” said AKP Agus Ahmad Kurnia, head of the Crime Investigation Unit at the Sawah Besar precinct, as quoted by Warta Kota yesterday.

Giovani fell from a height of around 30 meters and landed right in front of the entrance to the apartment building.

He was then rushed to a hospital in Kemayoran, where he was put under intensive care. According to latest reports, Giovani is recovering after having undergone several surgical procedures.

The parents were not charged with any criminal wrongdoing, even though they were deemed by the police to be negligent for leaving their toddler alone in the apartment.

“From the investigation it was determined that [the fall] was purely accidental, so there’s no criminal charge,” said Sawah Baru Police Chief Commissioner Ridwan Soplanit.

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