​Private tutor held up at gunpoint in front of 3 terrified small children

Many parents try their best to keep their small children away from violence, whether it be on TV or in video games like Grand Theft Auto. But sometimes you just can’t prevent GTA-like violence from being seen by children, especially when it happens in real life.

Three small children, KH (12), GG (11), and BL (11), were at a private tutoring session at a house in the Griya Permai neighborhood of Cimanggis, Depok, yesterday.

KH recalled that they weren’t suspicious when four people entered the house, thinking that they were the tutor’s guests.

“But miss teacher was threatened with a gun. My friends and I were tied up,” said a traumatized KH, as quoted by Okezone yesterday. 

The four robbers also tied up their tutor, Sufiatni, and the owner of the house, Wong Suing. The robbers locked them up in a storage room on the second floor while they ransacked the house and stole up to Rp 10 million in jewelry and other belongings.

The victims were unable to identify the robbers as they all wore masks. The robbers left the house without injuring anyone. The police are still trying to locate their whereabouts.

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