Police say woman in Riau hanged herself after husband refused intercourse

Illustration. Photo: Flickr / Fraser Mummery
Illustration. Photo: Flickr / Fraser Mummery

A woman was found hanged at her home in Rokan Hilir regency, Riau Province, with police saying that her husband refusing her sexual intercourse might have led her to commit suicide.

The victim, identified as 30-year-old NA, was found hanging by a rope by her husband, KA, at their home in Pujud district ⁠— though some news outlets reported that their 2-year-old son was the first to find her body.

“The initial allegation is that the victim died because she was disappointed after having her husband turn down her offer for sexual intercourse,” Rokan Hilir Police Chief Nurhadi Ismanto said yesterday

KA told authorities how NA woke him up suddenly on Wednesday night and asked him to have sex with her, which he’d refused because he was tired. NA kept persuading her husband, but KA asked to do it the next evening instead, before she got up and moved to another room.

The next day, KA found his wife hanging lifelessly on a rope at the entrance of the room. He immediately screamed for help from his neighbors, who then helped him to bring NA’s body to a Puskesmas (community clinic) nearby. NA’s family reportedly refused an autopsy.

“The result of a medical examination didn’t show any bruises or signs of violence on the victim’s body,” Nurhadi said.

NA’s body has been brought to her hometown of Binjai city in North Sumatra for burial.

Indonesia currently does not have a dedicated government-run suicide prevention hotline, but if you or anyone you know is suffering from depression and/or contemplating suicide, you can get more information and resources from several local NGOs dealing with mental health and suicide prevention, such as intothelightid.org.

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