​Police arrest fake policeman who extorted unwed couples sleeping in hotels

As far as horrible extortion schemes go, this has to be up there among the funniest and most creative.

The Cimanggis Police in Depok recently arrested Irfan Iskandar, a con man who had been pretending to be a police officer while going around and extorting unwed couples he caught sleeping together in hotel rooms.

“He often hung out in hotels on the border of East Jakarta and Depok. His targets were unwed couples. He usually extorted the victims by getting them to pay him Rp 1 million to Rp 4 million so that he would drop the case against them,” said Cimanggis Police Chief Bambang Irianto, as quoted by Vivanews today. 

Irfan decked himself out in full police uniform with the rank of Police Adjunct Commissioner. He was also equipped with a knife and an airsoft gun. He went around using a fake name, Bambang.

Irfan admitted that he has been pulling off his scheme for the past 2 months. He could potentially face up to 5 years in prison for his crime.

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