NZ man found naked & unconscious in Bogor Botanical Gardens, said he had been meditating in attempt to fly

A New Zealand citizen, identified by immigration officials as JCC, was found naked in the Bogor Botanical Gardens Tueday morning. Photos: Bogor Police

The most well-known attractions in Bogor is its famed Botanical Gardens, which are renowned for containing all sorts of strange and fantastic flora. Yesterday morning, one of the garden’s security guards found something far more unusual than any exotic flower – a New Zealand man, naked and unconscious under a tree.

The 28-year-old man, identified by police by his initials JS, apparently did not wake up until guards took him to a nearby security post.

Once awake, he told the guards that he had impulsively jumped over the park’s fence at around 10 pm the previous night with the goal of meditating under a large tree.

The guards said JS claimed to have heard a voice whisper to him that he could fly if he removed all of his clothing. So he got naked and started meditating, until he apparently climbed up the tree and jumped off in an attempt to fly, instead landing on the ground where he apparently lay unconscious until the guards found him the next morning.

After telling his tale to the guards, JS was taken to the Bogor Police station.

“So based on the relevant information, he entered the botanical garden last night illegally without buying a ticket by jumping over the fence next to Bhinneka Park,” said Syarief Hidayat yesterday as quoted by Jawa Pos.

Unsurprisingly, the police thought drugs might have had something to do with JS’ naked flying attempt, but Syarief said they had given him a urine test and found no signs that he had been using drugs or alcohol.

Police mentioned that JS had recently lost his parents and had come to Bogor looking for peace, with plans to study at the Dhamma Java Vipassana Meditation Centre in Gunung Geulis, Bogor.

After the police were finished examining him, JS was handed over to the local immigration authorities to check his visa status. As of the time of writing, there have been no updates regarding the results of his immigration check or whether the police will charge him with criminal trespassing or public indecency.

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