Netizens report Telkomsel and Indihome down, memes abound

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A large number of Indonesians appear to be without internet this morning, as netizens have taken to social media to report that services by mobile internet provider Telkomsel and home internet provider Indihome — both operated by state-owned telco Telkom — are down.

Always ones to be hyperbolic in tense situations like this, mentions of Telkomsel and Indihome have skyrocketed on social media as netizens have been posting memes while waiting for their precious internet to be restored.

The issue appears to have affected Telkomsel and Indihome customers throughout Indonesia. Many have reported that their internet is either down or extremely limited in function, in that accessing apps and social media platforms have been excruciatingly slow.

A Telkomsel rep told Kompas that the company is working on restoring internet connection for its customers without specifying what caused the network failure, while Indihome has yet to respond to media queries at the time of writing.

In a tweet replying to a complaint by a customer, Telkomsel said that users may experience slow load times because the mobile internet provider is carrying out an upgrade to its service.

Telkomsel and Indihome are market leaders in their respective fields, providing internet connection to the vast majority of Indonesians. As of the first quarter of 2019, Telkomsel said it has 167.8 million customers while Indihome, as of July 2019, said it has 6.5 million customers.

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