Mugger with sickle slices victim in Depok after he refuses to give up his phone (Video)

Photo: Video screengrab
Photo: Video screengrab

The satellite city of Depok has had a problem with violent muggers (commonly known by the Indonesian word begal) for years, with a recent viral video showing just how easily inclined they are to use dangerous weapons against their victims (and how stubborn some of their victims can be).

The CCTV recording below caught a group of three muggers in action on Jalan Dewi Sartika, Pancoran Mas district early Tuesday morning. The muggers, riding one motorcycle, stopped in front of a street food vendor selling nasi goreng (fried rice) before one of them got off and launched at a waiting customer with a sickle.

The victim, identified as Syaifullah, refused to give up his phone despite being threatened by the sickle-wielding maniac. He then took out his wallet and gave the mugger IDR50K (US$3.59). The mugger then appeared to ask for more while stabbing at Syaifullah a couple of times before eventually running away when bystanders started coming to the victim’s aid (neither the nasi goreng seller nor another nasi goreng patron sitting on the steps to the right of the screen did anything while Syaifullah was being mugged).

The police said the mugger managed to first slice Syaifullah in the chest.

“The culprit then sliced the sickle again to [Syaifullah’s] abdomen,” said Bintoro, head of the Crime Investigation Unit at the Depok City Police, as quoted by Detik.

Syaifullah was treated at a nearby hospital where he reportedly received three stitches.

Meanwhile, the police say they have yet to identify and catch the muggers.

Depok has been somewhat of a haven for violent robbers riding around on motorcycles targeting defenseless victims in recent years. In 2015 for example, two victims were killed by motorcycle robbers late at night within the space of just two weeks.



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