​Motorcycle robbers at large in Depok, woman driving alone at night becomes latest victim

Kartumi, a 32-year-old woman, had her motorcycle robbed by a “begal motor” gang (motorcycle robbers) in Jalan Raya Krukut, Limo, Depok late Saturday. Worryingly, motorcycle robberies have become a violent criminal trend in Depok for the past month.

“Yes, the incident [involving Kartumi] happened late on Saturday,” confirmed a policeman at the Depok Police on Sunday, as quoted by Kompas

While driving her motorcycle alone, Kartumi was held up by five motorcycle robbers. Kartumi, who didn’t fight back against the criminals, can count herself lucky as the robbers made off with her motorcycle without physically harming her.

Previous motorcycle robbery victims in Depok weren’t so lucky. The first victim of this particular gang of robbers was 23-year-old Bambang Syarif Hidayattulah. He tried to fight back but was killed in Jalan Juanda on January 10.

A couple of weeks later, 26-year-old Abdul Rahman was robbed and killed in front of the BSI Campus in Jalan Margunda on January 25.

All of the victims were driving their motorcycles alone late at night. We urge Depok citizens to avoid driving in such circumstances and to exercise extreme caution in Depok and its surrounding areas as the gang of motorcycle robbers is still at large.

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