​A mew hope: Meet ‘Kapten Pus’, Jakarta’s newest counter-governor

‘Kapten Pus’. Strengths: Gets things done. Weaknesses: Laser pointers. Photo: posronda.net

Since it seems like anyone can claim to be Jakarta’s governor these days, it’s pretty hard to take anyone seriously anymore. That is, until the arrival of what we think is the first true challenger to Governor Ahok’s throne, Kapten Pus (Captain Puss).

News parody website posronda.net (think The Onion in Indonesian) reported that cat-worshipping cult members appointed Kapten Pus as Jakarta counter-governor at a park in South Jakarta on Tuesday morning. Mia Yulevian, one of the cult’s leaders, said, as a cat, Kapten Pus is more adept at blusukan as he can squeeze through tight spaces.

“His highness Kapten Pus is the right figure to lead Jakarta. I can guarantee with my life that Kapten Pus is better at blusukan than any Indonesian politicians, especially in Jakarta. He can climb trees, squeeze through tight spaces in densely populated areas, and he can even catch mice which would solve the problem of pests in the city,” Mia said enthusiastically.

To show he means business, Kapten Pus’ campaign poster is better than anything the other Jakarta Counter-Governor Fachrurozi Ishaq has ever put up:

“Towards a cute Jakarta with KAPTEN PUS the blusukan expert (climbs trees, squeeze through tight spaces, catches mice). Kapten Pus – the real Jakarta governor.

On the subject of the People of Jakarta Movement (GMJ) and Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) who elected Counter-Governor Fachrurozi, Mia said that they were a joke because they haven’t even thought about how they want to run the capital.

Mia said Kapten Pus has a much clearer daily agenda as counter-governor: eight hours of blusukan followed by 16 hours of eating and sleeping. She said this is more effective than the other counter-governor, who only knows how to protest.

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