Man allegedly kicks boy for accidentally knocking over his daughter on playground, shows no remorse

Man who allegedly kicked a boy for accidentally knocking over his daughter in a Jakarta mall. Photo: Video screengrab
Man who allegedly kicked a boy for accidentally knocking over his daughter in a Jakarta mall. Photo: Video screengrab

Most sensible parents exercise a healthy amount of supervision when their small children play in public playgrounds and accept that kids can and will accidentally knock each other over and would definitely never ever attack someone else’s kid in retaliation — because what kind of psycho would do that?

Well… That’s apparently what one dad did in Mal Kelapa Gading in North Jakarta on Wednesday. As gathered from a viral video taken immediately after the incident, the man allegedly kicked a boy in his back because the child, who was supposedly swinging wildly on the swings, knocked over the man’s toddler.

“My son is crying because you kicked him! This is a playground so you should have supervised your own child. Don’t kick mine, you could’ve told him off! Even I have never kicked my own son,” said the boy’s mother in the video.

Perhaps thinking he had nowhere else to go but down, the man, incredibly, refused to apologize.

“Your son was improperly using the swings! Look after your own child too, mine is a baby!” he responded with his wife standing next to him carrying their daughter.

After the video of the altercation went viral, Kumparan today managed to identify and interview the alleged boy kicker. Though two days is plenty of time for self-reflection, he continued to stand by his actions.

“The incident occurred two days ago at around 6 pm. The boy on the swing was huge, fat. He was swinging almost 90 degrees, you can imagine how panicked I was,” he said, as quoted by Kumparan.

“I was sitting five meters away, and then I saw my daughter, who was happily playing, knocked over by the boy on the swing. My daughter is less than three years old — what if she got a concussion? So I kicked the boy reflexively.”

Furthermore, the alleged child assaulter said he was not worried about any potential legal consequences against him as he apparently thinks that he has grounds to sue the boy’s parents over their child’s improper use of the swing.

“I don’t want to make peace and she (the boy’s mother) said she wants to sue, but I can also prolong this because the boy’s action posed a very real danger to others. I have given my ID card and phone number to mall security. I’m more scared if my daughter says her father didn’t defend her. I don’t mind people calling me a coward,” he said.

The Kelapa Gading Police Department said they have not received any formal complaints about the incident and will not investigate until somebody presses charges. The boy and his mother’s identities are also still unknown.

In accordance with Indonesia’s child protection law, assaulting a minor is punishable by up to 3.5 years in prison or more if the child suffers serious injuries or dies.



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