Mall security guard catches teens hooking up in fitting room, gets arrested for filming them

PHOTO: Illustration

A mall security guard in Surabaya was arrested last week after he caught a couple of teens hooking up in a fitting room. His crime? He filmed them while subjecting them to some degrading acts.

The suspect, identified as 34-year-old SS, is a security guard at Lotte Mart Pakuwon Mall in Surabaya. According to the police, after he caught the teens in the act, he made them walk without pants for 100 meters to a security post, filming them all the while.

“The suspect shared the video to a Whatsapp chat group,” said AKBP Shinto Shilitonga, head of the Crime Investigation Unit at the Surabaya Metro Police, as quoted by Tribun.

The video soon spread and became viral on social media nationwide.

SS was charged with spreading pornography and violation of the Information and Electronic Transactions Act (UU ITE). He was arrested on March 14.

“I forbade them to put on their pants in the spur-of-the-moment. I deeply regret this and apologize, including for sharing the video on my Whatsapp group. I accept all punishments and sanctions that would be handed to me,” SS said, as quoted by Tribun.

People taking it upon themselves to punish acts of public indecency by socially shaming the perpetrators is quite common in Indonesia. A more worrying form of this comes with hardline conservative groups resorting to violent means in their raid of hotels, brothels, or even boarding houses to search for unwed or same sex couples.

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