Lion Air plane replaced after wing collides with lamp post before flight to Jakarta

The wing tip of Lion Air flight JT-633 after colliding with a lamp post in Bengkulu’s Fatmawati Soekarno Airport on November 7, 2018. Photo: Istimewa

Just over a week since the tragic crash of JT-610 that killed 189 on board, Indonesian budget airline Lion Air is once again making headlines over flight safety, this time involving a minor collision.

As reported by Detik, Lion Air flight JT-633 was supposed to take off from Bengkulu to Jakarta at 6:20 pm yesterday, but it was delayed after the plane’s wing accidentally collided with a lamp post at the airport during taxi.

“To clarify, the delay was for the sake of passengers’ safety, it was caused by the curve of the left wing tip clipping coordinate lights at the airport,” Lion Air Spokesperson Danang Mandala Prihantoro said.

Danang added that the flight’s pilots were not at all at fault as they were being directed by Aircraft Movement Control (AMC) officers.

“The AMC officers are part of airport management personnel and they are being investigated by the relevant authorities,” he said.

That said, the Transportation Ministry announced that they have also grounded both the plane and the pilots to aid with their investigation into the incident.

The 143 passengers on board the JT-633 were told to disembark after the collision as Lion Air replaced the plane due to the damage it sustained on its left wing — the extent of which was not specified. The flight then departed using the replacement plane at 10:48 pm, arriving in Jakarta at 11:50 pm.

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