Jogja man returns home after being thought dead for over a year

How would you feel if one of your deceased family members suddenly walked through the door, a year after you thought you buried them?

For a family in the Suryoputran Panembahan village in Jogyakarta, their reaction was a mix of immense happiness and horror – happy that their father and husband, 62-year-old Waluyo, finally returned home, yet horrified as they believed he had died last year.

Waluyo’s arrival yesterday is still being met with disbelief by his family and neighbors. He was pronounced dead in May 2015 after supposedly being a victim of a traffic accident in Gunung Kidul.

“In the hospital he was in a coma. Relatives and neighbors all visited him. He then died on May 7, 2015. Many came to his funeral, all the neighbors came,” said Anti Ristanti, Waluyo’s daughter, as quoted by Detik.

Anti added that the family positively identified Waluyo as the accident victim last year.

“Is this real or not? I have to step back [to see him], how can a dead person come back to life? I’m shocked,” said Alim Eskatinah, Waluyo’s wife.

Alim even showed the media Waluyo’s death certificate, which appeared to be legitimate.

Waluyo told his family that he was in Semarang all that time working as a street cleaner. Since he didn’t own a mobile phone, he wasn’t able to contact his family back home.

Curiously, Waluyo left around the time that he supposedly died. So who was it that his family buried last year?

The answer to that question remains a mystery for now. Even the local police were baffled when they saw Waluyo among the living and had to annul his death certificate. One of the few plausible explanations for what happened is that the accident victim found last year was somebody who just happened to look almost exactly like Waluyo, as his family said he doesn’t have a twin. Of course that still wouldn’t answer a lot of the questions brought up by this crazy case of the dead coming back to life.

What do you think might be a logical explanation for this creepy mystery?



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