Jakarta sanitation workers find ‘thousands’ of used condoms clogging up drains around Mega Kuningan

Illustration. Photo: Pixabay
Illustration. Photo: Pixabay

So, flushing used condoms down the toilet is apparently a big problem in Jakarta. Sanitation workers in the capital found thousands of the prophylactic rubbers — along with other kinds of unsanitary sanitary products — clogging up drains in one busy Jakarta business district.

City-owned sewerage company PD Pal Jaya today said that they found thousands of used condoms during a recent clean up of drains around Mega Kuningan, South Jakarta.

“There was so much trash, including the condoms,” PD Pal Jaya First Director Subekti told Viva.


Other types of waste that cleaners found were used sanitary pads, plastic bottles, as well as discarded underwear. 

Subekti then pretty much said what we’re all thinking.

“It’s probably because there are many hotels in the area,” he speculated.

Subekti said that, since the clean up process of the area began on July 2, sanitation workers have in total collected 10 sacks weighing around 10 kilograms each containing the aforementioned waste. 

He urged residents and guests at hotels in Mega Kuningan not to flush anything down the toilet that could clog up drains. And, in case you weren’t aware, even excessive amounts of toilet paper can clog pipes, let alone condoms and underwear.

Also, those sanitation workers deserve a raise.

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