IT Ministry blocks access to 11 Islamic websites for spreading radical content, malware

As part of their efforts to stop the spread of extremism in Indonesia, the government recently announced that they were blocking 11 more Islamic websites for spreading radical and dangerous content.

The IT Ministry say the latest round of blocks came after they monitored and evaluated around 200 websites suspected of spreading negative content, of which the following 11 were found to be in violation of the law:

11. abuzubair.neta

“The first nine were found to contain lies, provocations, religious and race issues, and insults towards state symbols. Whereas [the problem with] number 10 is that it’s a phishing website, while number 11 contained malware,” said IT Ministry acting spokesman Noor Iza, as quoted by Detik today.

Towards the tail end of 2016, the government made a public push to block provocative websites that spread hate speech online, most of them being websites containing radicalist ideology as well as hoaxes and fake news.

In November, the IT Ministry blocked 11 such websites as well as the official website of Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) leader Habib Rizieq Shihab, who himself may face criminal charges for blasphemy and insulting the Pancasila.

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