Irma Bule’s family suspects murder in the dangdut singer’s death by cobra bite

Amateur footage of the moment the king cobra bit Irma Bule on stage.

Last week’s story of dangdut singer and snake dancer Irma Bule’s death, caused by the bite of a king cobra she was performing with on stage, garnered worldwide attention. But it looks like there may yet be a shocking twist to her tragic tale.

Irma’s uncle, Maman, recently reached out to the media to suggest that Irma’s death may have been more than a fatal accidental. In fact, he claims there was one glaring irregularity on the day of his 29-year-old niece’s death, giving him reason to believe that Irma’s death was planned.

“Please figure out if there was a violation of the law here. [Irma’s death] may have been due to negligence or it could have been premeditated murder, could it not?” Maman said, as quoted by Liputan6.

“The snake was prepared beforehand, but the snake handler was different from the one Irma regularly uses.”

Irma’s mother, Encum, shares the same suspicions.

“It was a different snake [than Irma usually danced with on stage]. [Irma’s] snake usually had its mouth tied up, given relaxants and spells so that it would dance together [with Irma],” she said.

The police have yet to reveal the results of their investigation into Irma’s death, including whether there was any indication of foul play or not.

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