Indonesian cop beats elementary school boy, almost knocking out his teeth, for hitting his son


A police officer from West Kotawaringin in Central Kalimantan, identified by his initials ASS, could face disciplinary and criminal sanctions after he was reported to the authorities for hitting an elementary school boy and almost knocking out his teeth.

According to reports, on Friday morning, ASS’s son, identified as sixth-grader DES, taunted his classmate, MAD, about a hole in his school uniform. Upset, MAD hit DES in the shoulder, who then ran out of the school and soon came back with his father, police officer ASS.

In front of teachers and students, the angry ASS slapped MAD multiple times to the point that the ring that the officer was wearing slipped off. After beating MAD, ASS also angrily went off on the teachers, accusing them of allowing his son to be bullied.

“All of a sudden there was a uniformed police officer who came and beat MAD. I was shocked and felt helpless seeing my student slapped several times. (MAD) even spat out blood afterwards,” Parminah, MAD’s teacher, told JPNN while in tears yesterday.

A local child protection agency said that ASS was reported to the National Police soon after the beating, but that the case is being investigated by the local police. It’s not yet known what charges, if any, ASS will face.

There are reports that ASS paid MAD Rp 700K ($ 52) for his medical bills as the beating almost knocked out the boy’s teeth in addition to causing several bruises on his face. Furthermore, MAD’s parents said that they are willing to “make peace” with ASS after both parties apologized, a possible indication that they will drop the charges against ASS.

However, child protection activists are saying that ASS must be criminally investigated because, even though MAD’s physical injuries will heal over time, he could be psychologically scarred for life.

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