Girlfriend of man who dismantled her motorcycle in infamous viral rage video says she’ll wait for his release

A viral clip shows an Indonesian man, identified as Adi Saputra, reacting angrily to getting ticketed by the police and dismantling the motorcycle owned by his girlfriend, Yuni Astuti, piece by piece. Photo: Facebook/Shidiq Zld

“Love is patient, love is kind” — that seems to be the quote that Yuni Astuti lives by. She’s the girlfriend of Adi Saputra, the guy who infamously dismantled and flipped her motorcycle after getting ticketed by a police officer, video footage of which went crazy viral in Indonesia last week.

Given how huge the story has become, the intense public interest in Adi and Yuni’s lives was inevitable. That includes the media prying into their relationship, which looks like it’s going to continue despite Adi’s freak out.

According to media reports, Yuni and Adi have been dating for one year. They met at Pasar Modern BSD in Tangerang where they both work — Adi at a coffee shop and Yuni at an orange juice stall — and, incidentally, where the viral video was taken.

Despite almost having her motorcycle nearly fall on her when Adi flipped it over, Yuni, who’s 17, says she hopes he will be patient in facing the criminal charges against him. She said her boyfriend was usually silent whenever they fought, so she was puzzled by his rage-filled tantrum that unfortunate day.

“If Adi was angry with me, he would rather not talk to me. When his mood had gotten better, then he would tell me what to do, or give me advice. So he was usually silent when angry,” Yuni told Kapanlagi in an article published yesterday.

Yuni thought Adi’s unusual rage was triggered by alleged “unfair treatment” from the police officer who wrote him a ticket.

Adi, 21, was named a suspect for violating a statute on fencing — for performing a criminal act on an item that didn’t belong to him — when he destroyed Yuni’s motorcycle. If convicted, Adi could face up to four years in prison.

But Yuni said that she is willing to wait for him until he is free.

“I hope Adi will get out of prison soon, I hope I can remain faithful to him and wait for him,” Yuni said on Saturday, as quoted by Merdeka.

The infamous video of Adi, which went hugely viral in Indonesia after first hitting social media last week, is about one-minute long and shows him throwing an enormous tantrum in front of a Yuni and a cop after the officer decided to write him a ticket for driving against the flow of traffic, as well as not having his driver’s license or the motorcycle’s vehicle registration documents. Adi can be seen flipping the motorcycle and tearing parts off of it until it is stripped down to its main frame. Throughout Adi’s meltdown, the cop somehow manages to keep his cool while writing the ticket.

While Adi’s ticket tantrum is one of the worst we’ve ever seen, he’s far from the only Indonesian to fly into an uncontrollable rage after getting written up by a traffic cop (perhaps because they’re so used to being able to bribe their way out of such incidents). Past viral videos have shown women attacking and even biting officers who tried to ticket them for their traffic violations.

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