FPI urges Depok gov’t to shut down Moo N3n3n cafe and Ranjang 69 restaurant for “pornographic” names

Some business owners deliberately associate their products with sexuality as a gimmicky marketing strategy (Bikini snack, anyone?). Yet the food/sex combo seems to rile up the country’s conservatives the most, because God forbid anybody ever have dirty thoughts while eating, apparently.

Recently, the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) Depok chapter has been getting worked up over two eateries in their city due to their “pornographic” names. One of them is Moo N3n3n café (“Moo” alluding to cow while “N3n3n” or “Nenen” translates to breast) and the other is noodles chain Ranjang 69 (roughly translates to “69 in bed”).

Unable to see the humor behind the names, FPI is pressing the Depok administration to shut down the two businesses, or else.

“On behalf of FPI, we are hoping that the authorities act accordingly. How can Depok be a city suitable for children if the names of [restaurants and cafes] can have no moral value?” said FPI Depok Chief Agus Rahmat, as quoted by Sindonews yesterday.

“The city administration must act fast. If they’re too slow, FPI will handle it.”

Depok’s Families and Children Empowerment Board (BPMK) agreed that the names are indeed vulgar, thus violating the city’s Child Suitable Environment Act. BPMK has recommended their closure to the city administration. However, it’s not clear what the administration’s stance is on the matter yet.

In a recent interview, Moo N3n3n’s owner, Insan Tonji, said his intention behind his café’s name was not to lead people into pornography.

“The locals aren’t even complaining [about the name]. In fact, many people say it’s unique,” he said, as quoted by DepokNews.

Moo N3n3n has actually expanded into a franchise, with four stores open in Depok and four others located in Jakarta and Banten. You can find out more about them here.

Ranjang 69 is also becoming a large local franchise with 11 restaurants in total, located as far as Jatinangor and Garut in West Java. You can visit their official website here.

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