Explosion heard in Gandaria City mall, police rule out bomb

An explosion was heard in Gandaria City mall at around 10 am today. Thankfully, the police have ruled out that it was a bomb explosion.

“It was an explosion from a fire in the basement,” said South Jakarta Police Spokesman Commissioner Purwanta, as quoted by Detik.

Purwanta added that officers have been dispatched to carry out an investigation into the fire. He did not specify whether the fire has been put out or not.

One netizen believes that the fire was caused by a gas pipe explosion coming from a restaurant on the lower ground floor.



There has not yet been any statement from the mall or authorities regarding operations in the mall today following this incident.

Update 11:56 am: The Jakarta Metro Police said three gas technicians, who went to investigate smell of gas coming from the aforementioned gas pipe, were at the scene when it exploded. They are reportedly “severely burnt” and are being treated at the nearby Pertamina Central Hospital.

Update 1:25 pm: The police now say 13 people sustained burn injuries from the explosion, 7 of whom severely injured. All 13 victims were taken to the Pertamina Central Hospital.

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