Escalating madness: KRL commuters try to escape crowded platform by going up descending escalator (Video)

KRL Commuterline passengers going up a descending escalator on the right. Photo: Twitter/@Iputrii1
KRL Commuterline passengers going up a descending escalator on the right. Photo: Twitter/@Iputrii1

We’re not sure who to blame for the disorder in this video, but we’re sure most people would agree that it’s a perfect example of how life in the bustling metropolis of Jakarta can be extremely harsh sometimes.

Yesterday, a video taken at Duri train station went viral, showing just how chaotic the KRL Commuterline rush hour can be. In the video, some passengers can be seen dangerously taking their chance by trying to go up a descending escalator (on the right) as they leave behind an extremely crowded platform below.

The escalator was eventually stopped (with people on it, which is a violation of safety regulations) after which the counterflow passengers were able to walk up with ease. Luckily, there were no reports of injuries.

It’s not clear why so many would risk going up the wrong escalator, but according to Okezone, it might be because the passengers, who got off the Tangerang-Duri train, were trying to escape the insane crowd building up on the station’s platform 5, which only has the ascending escalator seen in the video as its sole exit point.

Such scenes have never before been seen at Duri station, and it might be the direct result of KRL Commuterline operators PT KCJ moving the Tangerang-Duri train to platform 5 to accommodate the airport train on its previously designated platform 4. The move was made recently on Mar. 25.

The platform switch has been unpopular among KRL Commuters, with one citizen starting a petition on to return the Tangerang-Duri train to platform 4.

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